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About us | Shopafoo

martin hurley shopafoo dudeFor years I've travelled to different countries; got totally lost in India at the biggest holy festival on earth, explored Bangladesh and remote, awe-inspiring temples in Myanmar, lived in Thailand, and traversed many others, often using local transport.

I've always wanted to create something that really reflected me, the dude, your man Martin Hurley - fun, mostly silly, full of too many ideas, sparkling with deep curiosity and a questing, creative beauty.

So one night (I lie in bed thinking a lot) I thought I'd create a home that was silly and fun and totally rebellious. A place where I could put all my photographic art, mix in some great photo products, and see what happens.

And so Shopafoo happened, and yep that's where you're at now.

Right now, July 2016, Shopafoo is just me, in a tiny little town called Castlemaine, in Australia. It's all my own photography, mixed with some great Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac covers, cases and sleeves, and other photo art as I slowly add it to the collection.

Sometimes you just have to throw some foo at the wall and see what sticks.

~ martin